AlloyGator The Ultimate Protection For Wheels

Silver Alloy Gators
Red Alloy Gators
Black Alloy Gators
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Alloy Gators in 15 Colours

AlloyGators are an award winning British designed and manufactured product to help you protect your alloy wheels from kerb damage.

They can also ‘cover up’ minor damage that may have already been caused to your wheels, which may mean you don’t need a full repair carried out on your alloy.

Also they come in 15 subtle or stand out colours, so you can be discrete about protection, or shout out about your style

You can have them supplied and fitted by us in around 90 minutes, and you can have a set of 4 to get you started, or just buy 1 to replace a very badly damaged AlloyGator if things get nasty!

Call us on 01743 466100 to arrange to get a set fitted on your car, van or camper, and give your wheels ‘The UltimateProtection’!

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