Brake Caliper Painting


There’s nothing worse than having a really nice set of alloy wheels on a great looking car, and behind them is a rusty looking set of brake calipers & hubs.

Here at Ace, We can:-

Which ever you choose, our experienced, knowledgeable staff will help you achieve the results your after in less than 24 hours.

See what we can do for you and your vehicle below:- 

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For Looks:-

No matter what you’ve got, whether it’s a Sports Car, Luxury Saloon, an Electric or a Hot Hatchback… we can improve the look of any vehicle with our bespoke brake caliper & hub painting system.


What's Popular?

Hubs are usually painted Black, while the Calipers are most commonly painted Red, however we have a range of colours to choose from and we’re even able to mix an exact colour for you if you need it.


Decals can be fitted to most brake calipers. 

If you have something specific in mind and are able to source the decals, we can fit them for you.

Alternatively we can create a design for you using our plotter. Then we can get them on and lacquered in good time before collection.


How Long?

Depending on the colour, up to three layers of high temperature, 2-pac paint is applied in stages. 

This ensures the best protected finish we can provide, in less than 24 hours!

Our Suggestions...

Why not consider combining Red Calipers, Black Hubs and Red AlloyGators to REALLY make your wheels pop with style! 

Alternatives could be Estril Blue Calipers with, Black Hubs and Black Gators. Any combination is possible! 

Additional Protection?

Why not consider protecting the Calipers, Hubs and Wheels with a Ceramic coating?

Check out further information about it here.

We offer a range of different package prices for Ceramic coating so don’t forget to ask about it when you speak to the team. 

If your struggling to make a decision, or want to discuss the different options OR had any questions about what we have on offer please give one of the team a call on 01743 466111 OR fill in your details below for a quote and we will be more than happy to help! 

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Hows it done?

Watch the video for a step by step as to how brake calipers are painted at Ace Car Care:-