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Buckled Alloy Wheels & Cracked Alloy Wheels

Buckled Car Wheel

Most car owners get a buckled alloy wheel due to driving over pot holes in the road, which then puts a buck on the inside of the alloy wheel rim.

In many instances, if the buckle is less severe than the one shown in the photo above, they can be removed and the wheel straightened again.

Sometimes, particularly on larger wheels, the impact can also cause a crack on the inner lip, which again depending on how severe it is, may be able to be alloy welded & dressed to make a strong & sound repair.

To be able to assess whether the buckled wheel or crack in an alloy wheel can be repaired, we’ll need to make a physical inspection of the wheel itself. So it’s always best to pop it into our Car Care Centre.

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We have produced a price guide to give you an approximate idea of the costs to carry out the various different services we offer at Ace Car Care to get your wheels looking ACE!

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