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COVID-19 Mobile Remapping Process



Our Mobile Remapping Process Shown Step-By-Step

If you are not having your remap carried out at our Shrewsbury Car Care Centre & we are coming out to you at your home or place of work, these are the steps we will follow to keep you, our team members & your vehicle COVID-19 Secure

  • When we arrive, we’ll park in a safe place at least 2m away from your door
  • We’ll sanitise our hands before putting on some disposable gloves
  • Then we’ll either call you or knock on your door, standing at least 2m away, & ask your to leave the keys to your vehicle in the container & step back inside
  • Your keys will then be misted with sanitising spray which contains 90% alcohol & left for approx 30 seconds before we handle them
  • We then use anti-bacterial spray on a new cloth to clean touch points on both the exterior & interior, such as handles, control stalks, knobs & buttons we’ll be touching
  • Inside your vehicle we’ll place a seat cover on the drivers seat & apply a protective film on the steering wheel, gear selector & handbrake (if present)
  • We then carry out our tuning & remapping process
  • Before road testing it, we carry out an anti-bacterial fogging process inside your vehicle
  • We’ll inform you that we’ll be road testing your vehicle either by calling you or knocking & standing at least 2m from your door
  • Once we’ve completed a satisfactory road test, we’ll remove all protective covers, wipe down the interior & exterior touch points with a new cloth sprayed with anti-bacterial spray.
  • Before handing them back to you, we re-sanitise your keys with a mist of sanitising spray which contains 90% alcohol
  • We’ll then invite you to road test your vehicle after we take some payment details, which we will not process until your road test is completed & you are happy for us to take payment.
  • We’ll confirm you’re happy to process your payment
  • Once you return inside, we’ll post your warranty booklet (where applicable) & card receipt through the letter box before we leave

If you’re visiting our Car Care Centre to have your remap, then take a look at a video to see what happens when you drop off your vehicle for Tuning services.

You can see an overview of the steps we’ve taken & more videos by visiting www.acecarcare.co.uk/covid-19-secure or watch our procedure videos on our COVID-19 YouTube playlist

COVID-19 Getting An Estimate or Quote At The Car Care Centre


Calling In To Get An Estimate or Quote At The Car Care Centre

If you need to call into the Car Care Centre to get an estimate or quote, this is the procedure we’ll follow to ensure we’re all COVID-19 Secure

  • If we need to see your vehicle to give you an estimate or quote, we’d prefer to make an appointment so that we can limit the number of visors at any 1 time, but you are still able to call without appointment too, but may need to wait outside until reception is empty
  • We’ll make a visual inspection of the vehicle & would ask you to maintain a distance of at least 2m from our team members during the inspection
  • One of the team will then produce an estimate or quote, and if you wish, you can take a paper copy away with you
  • If you prefer, we can scan & email a copy to you for your records
  • Should you wish to book your vehicle in to have the work carried out, we’re able to arrange a convenient date in the diary with a small deposit.
  • Unfortunately we no longer accept cash at the moment, but you can make payment by card on the day or bank transfer in advance for a completely touch-less transaction.


In the next video, you can see what happens when you drop off your vehicle for one of the Tuning, Styling & Paintwork services we offer

You can see an overview of the steps we’ve taken & more videos by visiting www.acecarcare.co.uk/covid-19-secure or watch our procedure videos on our COVID-19 YouTube playlist

COVID-19 Collecting Your Vehicle



What Happens When You Collect Your Vehicle From Ace Car Care Shrewsbury

This shows our COVID-19 Secure procedures for when you collect your vehicle from Ace Car Care after having one of our Tuning, Styling or Paintwork services carried out.

  • Before you collect your vehicle, we’ll sanitise the interior with our anti-bacterial fogger
  • When you arrive, we’ll let the technician know you’re here & make sure your vehicle is brought to the front car park for you to collect.
  • All of the interior protection films will be removed
  • The interior touch points will be re-cleaned with anti-bacterial cleaner
  • As well as cleaning & sanitising all of the exterior touch points
  • Your keys will also be misted with a sanitising spray before handing them back to you


You can see an overview of the steps we’ve taken & more videos by visiting www.acecarcare.co.uk/covid-19-secure or watch our procedure videos on our COVID-19 YouTube playlist

COVID-19 Working On Your Vehicle



What We Do Before Working On Your Vehicle

These are the steps we take before working on your vehicle at the Ace Car Care centre in Shrewsbury to keep you and our team COVID-19 Secure.

  • Before our team move or work on your vehicle, we ensure we take practical steps to clean & protect the areas we’ll come into contact with.
  • We anti-bac the exterior touch points
  • We also anti-bac the interior touch points we can’t cover to protect
  • A seat cover is placed over the drivers seat
  • The key area we come into contact with like steering wheel, gear selector & manual handbrake are masked with film, which is removed later when the vehicle is completed & parked ready for you to collect
  • Once the job is completed, we carry out an interior clean using an anti-bacterial fogging system.

In the next video you can see what happens when you collect your vehicle

You can see an overview of the steps we’ve taken & more videos by visiting www.acecarcare.co.uk/covid-19-secure or watch our procedure videos on our COVID-19 YouTube playlist

COVID-19 Dropping Off Your Vehicle



What happens when you drop off your vehicle at the Ace Car Care centre in Shrewsbury to keep you and our team COVID-19 Secure.

  • When you come to the Ace Car Care centre to drop off your vehicle, you’ll be greeted by one of our Ace team
  • Before handing over your keys, they’ll check there’s nothing on the keyring that might be affected by the sanitising spray
  • You can then place them in a clean container
  • We’ll then spray them with sanitising spray before handling them
  • Your keys will then be placed in one of our car sanitising products trays
  • The technician will be told that your vehicle has arrived & is ready to be worked on


In the next video you can see the steps we take before working on your vehicle

href=”https://acecarcare.co.uk/covid-19-secure”>www.acecarcare.co.uk/covid-19-secure or watch our procedure videos on our COVID-19 YouTube playlist

COVID-19 Arriving At Ace Car Care Reception



The Changes You’ll Notice When You Arrive At The Ace Car Care Centre

  • When you arrive at the car care centre, the first thing you’ll notice is the changes we’ve made to the parking arrangements.
  • We now have 3 available parking bays with plenty of room between them to maintain social distancing
  • When you approach the reception doors, you’ll notice the signage informing you that only 1 person should be in reception at a time
  • Check if there’s someone already there, and wait at the designated point to the right of the doors.
  • We have marked out waiting points 2 metres apart to meet the Governments recommended social distancing space
  • When the reception is free, please sanitise your hands using the hand gel provided before coming into the reception
  • You’ll see that we’ve adapted the area for social distancing to ensure we keep you & our team safe
  • One of our Ace team members will greet & help you with the needs of your visit to us


In the next video, see what happens if you need to call into the Car Care Centre for an estimate or quote for one of the Tuning, Styling & Paintwork services we offer

You can see an overview of the steps we’ve taken & more videos by visiting www.acecarcare.co.uk/covid-19-secure or watch our procedure videos on our COVID-19 YouTube playlist


COVID-19 Secure

What we’re doing to keep each other safe & secure during the coronavirus pandemic


Keeping you and our team safe & secure whilst running our business is of paramount importance, and following Government, the Health & Safety Executive, and Public Health England guidelines, we’ve made changes to the way we operate.

A summary of the things we’ve done to mitigate & minimise the risk of introducing and/or transferring COVID-19 are as follows;

  • All staff have been ‘Prevent COVID-19’ Certified
  • Social distancing & additional hygiene measures have been introduced
  • Covering and/or anti-bacterial cleaning of all vehicle ‘touch points’
  • Revised procedures & processes have been implemented in line with Gov/HSE/PHE advice
  • Use of technology (eg images & video) for estimating & quotes
  • Paperless documentation & minimal contact where possible
  • The premises have been re-configured to enable social distancing
  • Drop off, collection & estimate scheduling has been introduced to minimise the number of customers on-site at any 1 time
  • Additional signage has been installed to re-enforce good practices
  • Team briefing & training has been held to develop & refine best working practices & will be reviewed (& updated if appropriate) periodically
  • A shift pattern has been introduced to minimise the number of employees at any 1 time


We are currently producing detailed documentation & videos which we will publish to show you step-by-step the processes & procedure we’ve implemented, to assure you & give you the utmost confidence that we’ve taken every reasonable step to mitigate risk to you and our team.



Detailed Process Videos:


We will be adding more detailed videos showing the actual procedure we will be following for each step of the quoting, booking, dropping off, carrying out the service & collection process.

Arriving At Ace Car Care Reception

Getting An Estimate or Quote At The Car Care Centre

Dropping Off Your Vehicle

Working On Your Vehicle

Collecting Your Vehicle

Mobile Remapping Process

Links will be added, so check back regularly for updates or watch all of our COVID Procedure Videos On YouTube or go to our COVID Blog Post list




How exciting, it’s that time of year again. 

The new reg is here! (is it really 2017?)

So that fresh, new, shiny paintwork is going to get some beating from our British roads and Ace are here to save the day! 

Stone chips are the bane of many car owners lives, I know what it’s like when I come round to washing my car and I see the front bumper covered. 


After the mayhem ‘Storm Doris’ brought, I think it’s safe to say we’re all left a little shuck up… 

In memory of Doris we’d like to do a post dedicated to staying safe in those windy wet conditions…

  • Be Prepared – Plan Your Journey

Listen out for weather reports and news of any accidents or incidents & make sure you have full charge on your mobile incase you need to contact anyone. You can also use websites like the RAC to plan your route and take a more sheltered route option if there is one.

  • Take it slowwwwww

Ye it’s pretty damn obvious but the amount of people you see speeding past is very concerning when the roads are wet and the wind is high. Take it steady and keep your eyes further ahead to avoid any upcoming incidents and traffic to give you plenty of time to take action. 

  • Two Hands on the Wheel

You’ll have a lot more control over the steering wheel with two hands holding tight throughout the journey, don’t let distractions take you away from the control of the vehicle. 

  • Allow More Room 

Always leave plenty of room between you and the Vehicle in front, even more than usual if you can, as well as when you are overtaking cyclists and lorries; they are very vulnerable to being blown around in the wind. 

  • Clever Parking 

Finally, park away from any trees, buildings, telephone lines or any other structures that could be a potential hazard even other cars if that is possible to prevent any unforeseen accidents. 

If you have been affected by Storm Doris and you need a Quote for some paintwork damage, please come and visit us on the new Battlefield Enterprise Park on Vanguard way – we are situated right next door to Euro Car Parts.

Or download our Paintwork Price Guide -> Click Here <-

“Had paint damage on my Toyota Celica repaired, quote was very reasonable and the work was done in only 2 days.
Had a scrape from a brick wall and a bad lacquer repair.

5 star work Extremely good customer service. Kept in touch with me and made me feel reassured that the repair would help the value of my car. Any problem contact and Im sure AceCar Care can help” – Daniel Furber 



Secret 1 – Using a High Gear

The best secret I’ve ever been given to getting great m.p.g figures is to be in the highest gear you can, driving the lowest speed. Every car is different, but learn to change up to the next gear as early as you can, without making the engine struggle.

Tip: Try using hills & gradients to your advantage, and change gear even earlier when driving down them.


Secret 2 – Gentle Throttle Foot

There are 2 elements to throttle control, the first being not to accelerate too hard, but gradually until you reach your desired speed and then back off.


It’s officially Winter and for many of us it means leaving the house 5 minutes earlier to de-ice the windows on our car, turning up the heating and moaning about it to everyone.

Well we want to make the Winter months easier for you motorists out there so here’s 8 simple Handy Tricks and Tips to get your Vehicle working more efficiently in this cold weather…

  • Air Con: Turning up your AC when you first get in the car could be the answer you’ve been looking for. The air conditioning unit helps to eliminate moisture from within the car keeping your cold glass, mist free.


  • Antifreeze – This really is your best friend during these colder months, make sure that your coolant tank is topped up.


Ian left this Ace Car Care review after he came in to us with his Vauxhall Vectra SRi Turbo to have his windows tinted, and an ECU remap to improve the performance of his already quick Vectra.

Ace Car Care Review Ian Morris


Glovebox Gossip Weekly Motoring Video:


Tax Disc Changes Oct 2014

From 1st October 2014 you will no longer be required to display a tax disc in your vehicle windscreen to prove your vehicle has road tax.

Please watch the video opposite which will give you all the information you need to understand the changes in vehicle road fund licencing, and what you need to do if you buy or sell a vehicle.



Shropshire County Show 2014

Saturday 24th May – All Day

Well the 2014 show season has arrived again, and the first local show we will be attending is the Shropshire County Show held at the Shrewsbury Agricultural Show Ground on Saturday 24th May.

This will be the 4th year we have attended, and it’s always been a great day (especially when the sun shines) with lots to see and do for everyone.


Ace Car Care Vinyl Car Wrap Examples


BMW X5 Vehicle Wrapping – Matt Orange & Carbon Fibre Vinyl Car Wrap

The owner of this BMW wanted to change the look of his X5. Although it was a great colour, he had never really been ‘excited’ by it, and so came over to us at Ace Car Care to discuss vehicle wrapping.


Ace Car Care Ltd – New Name But Familiar Faces.

Well January 2014 has bought about some pretty major events for us here at Ace Car Car Ltd, and we thought that we’d better let you know just what’s going on, as some of our customers vising the Car Care Centre are a little confused as to just what’s happened and what’s not happening.


Tinted Rear Lights For £60

If you want a quick, simple and cost effective styling modification to subtly change the back end of your car, van or camper, then our tinted rear lights services is something you should really take a good look at.

With prices usually around £60 for a pair of rear tail lights to be tinted, it’s a really low cost way to make a big difference to the look of the rear of your motor.

Tinted Rear Lights



Ford Fiesta Tuning & Styling At Ace Car Care

This great looking Ford Fiesta Zetec S gets personalised at Ace Car Care with a Fiesta tuning & styling package to make it really stand out from the crowd. (more…)