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Window Tinting In Shrewsbury, Telford & Shropshire

More and more of the vehicles being produced today have window tints (or privacy glass as it’s sometimes know) fitted to them. Not only does it enhance the appearance, and give the vehicle the ‘Top Of The Range’ look, but they also offer other benefits such as security, reduced heat, glare and UV rays.

If your vehicle was not fitted with the tint you wanted from the factory, then we can retro-fit window tints for you, quickly and conveniently, and without breaking the bank!


Here’s some commonly asked questions about window tinting and privacy glass.

What Is Window Tinting Film?

Window tint film is a product which has been developed especially for the aftermarket tinting of automotive glass windows.

It is a micro thin layer of polyester, with a durable clear scratch resistant coating and high bond adhesive, that is professionally installed on clear or tinted glass.

As well as different shades of film, there are also different qualities of film available. Ace Car Care install a full range of both shades and quality window tinting films.

Why Fit Window Tints?

As well as producing stunning good looks, window tinting your car, van or camper also provides a retrofit solution to many glass related problems such as excessive heat build up, harsh glare, UV damage whilst also providing safety, security, privacy and style.

Our high quality films backed by our installation warranty provide a long lasting, no maintenance approach for providing full UVA / UVB and heat protection.

When you go to the beach or are out in the summer sunshine you tend to think about the risk of sunburn and do something about it. Well now you can take care of your family and pets all year round by reducing the amount of Ultra Violet light and heat exposure you get when traveling in your vehicle.

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Window Tinting & The Law
We get asked lots of questions about window tints, but one of the most common is about the legality of putting tints on cars, vans, motorhomes etc.

To answer this question in more details, we've created a guide which you can download from our main window tinting website.

Just click the link below, and you'll go to the site where you can download the eGuide as well as our price guide.

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