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Custom Alloy Wheel FinishesAce Car Care Alloy Wheel Custom Finishes


ecause not everyone wants to be the same as everyone else, some of our customers choose to have a custom alloy wheel finish  on their alloy wheels. This can compliment or contrast with the bodywork of their car, van, camper or motorbike…..it’s your choice.

We have a passion for making our customers vehicles as individual as they are, and we’ve got some fantastic ideas and products to make your alloy wheels really stand out from the crowd, and make them a real ‘one off’.

There are so many different designs of wheel, colours of vehicles, and end result that customers are looking for, that combined with the huge range of products that we have access to, there are literally thousands of options available, as unique as you.

Examples Of Custom Alloy Wheel Finishes:


lthough certainly not exhaustive, here are a few different options you might like to consider to make your alloy wheels totally unique to you and your motor,

  • Colour coding all or parts of the wheel to match bodywork
  • Highlighted lips / rims / spokes
  • Matt, satin or semi-gloss lacquer
  • Colour changing paint finish (flip-flop paints)
  • Chrome effect finish
  • Rainbow prismatic effect crystal over any basee colour
  • Polished rims / lips

There are thousands more colour combinations and finishes that can be achieved, and we’d love to help you choose.

If you’d like some more information about custom alloy wheel finishes and designs, then get our free price guide, or call us on 01743 466100 and we’ll be happy to help.

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