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Leaking Alloy Wheels

Leaking Car Wheel
If you’ve got leaking alloy wheels, there are a few reasons, but the main one is likely to be corrosion around the inner rim of the alloy where, where the tyre sits. This is called the bead.

If there is corrosion on the bead, then it will create a small gap which releases air, and you end up with a slowly leaking wheel, which you need to constantly blow up.

Some other reasons for a leak could be a puncture in the tyre or a faulty valve, and we would suggest that you visit a tyre fitting company to get this checked before considering a repair to the alloy wheel. Another reason for the leak could be porous alloy if the wheels are very old or in very bad/corroded condition.

If we repair the leaking bead seal on the wheel, we firstly remove the tyre & inspect the inside lips/beads on the wheel. If there are signs of corrosion, then this usually points to this being the problem.

Our next step is to grind out as much of the corrosion as possible, and prime the repaired area. After the primer is dry, the tyre is refitted and re-inflated and this is usually enough to cure your leaking alloy wheels, (although we are unable to guarantee this).

Another option you could consider is a full wheel refurbishment of the wheel, which completely strips off all the paint, lacquer & primer, and refinishes the leaky wheel back to as close to new as possible (sometimes even better than new!).

We have produced a price guide to give you an approximate idea of the costs to carry out the various different services we offer at Ace Car Care to get your wheels looking ACE!

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