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Boot Paint Protection FilmPaint Protection Film

No matter how careful you are, through the course of driving and using your vehicle, the paintwork on your car, van, camper or motorbike is vulnerable to damage.

This might be in the form of stone chips from the road, light scratches from hedges/bushes, or scuffs on bumper loading areas from putting heavy or awkward items in the boot. If you’ve got great looking paintwork, you want to keep it that way, right?!

After all, they say prevention is better than cure, and fitting a paint/scuff protection film is one of the best ways to stop the damage in the first place.

What Is Vehicle Paint Protection Film?

Scuff Protection Film

Our paint protection film is available in 2 different finishes depending on a couple of situations and requirements.

Clear Paint Protection Film:

This is a very optically clear product, and some say it's 99% invisible, so is great on areas where you'd prefer it not to be seen, such as bonnets, front bumpers. mirror caps, wheel arches. etc.

Black Paint Protection Film:

A thicker and slightly harder wearing film with a textured finish. This can be used in areas which are particularly vulnerable to scuffs and scratches such as bumper boot loading areas, sill kick plates, etc. The other advantage is that it can cover existing damage.