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It doesn’t matter how good a driver you are, we all need a little bit of help sometimes. Whether its the increasingly small parking spaces in the local supermarket, or judging your distance when it’s pitch black or pouring down with rain.

This is where parking sensors (or park assist) comes in handy. They can be retro-fitted to vehicles which did not have them fitted from new, and they are simple to operate.

We offer a range of different fitments to suit your needs, 

Whether it be just rear sensors, which don’t need to look good but need to do the job, through to OEM systems for that factory finish look, we do the lot! 

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Budget Friendly Reversing Sensors

We offer a number of different styles of parking sensor. Ranging from the factory equivalent down to a more budget friendly option. In the video we show you our budget option which for a cost of only £199 is a bargain considering the labour involved to fit them. 

As you can see the system is hardwired into the reversing light so it only becomes active when you engage reverse gear. 

When powered up the discrete display shows you clearly (in meters), how far you are away from any obstacle to the rear of the vehicle. 

Rear Parking Sensors

The most popular parking sensors are rear parking sensors. When they are fitted as an aftermarket component, they are usually surface mounted like you can see in our video above.

If fitted from new by some manufacturers (eg BMW, VW, etc) you may find that the rear parking sensors are recessed into the bumper rather than being surface mounted. This requires a bumper with mounts behind the bumper face for this type of installation. We are able to supply and install recessed parking sensors for most make & models without bumper modification or replacement.

Front Parking Sensors

Not as common as rear sensors, it is possible to have front parking sensors both retro fitted or fitted from the factory.

Although visibility at the front is usually a lot better than out of the rear of the car, these are particularly useful when fitted to vehicles such as the Nissan Qashqai which has a high bonnet and protruding headlights, making it difficult to judge where the end of the front bumper is.

Painted Or Unpainted Parking Sensors

Our standard surface fitted parking sensors come pre-painted in a range of colours (seen below), which match fairly close to most bumper colours, or for a small charge, we can paint/colour code them to match in with your bumper colour.

This gives a more discrete look, but does not affect the operation of the park assist sensors.

We also supply & fit premium flush fit sensors which are more ‘Factory Fit’ look, and have a longer warranty period. These are always painted to match the colour of the bumper for the closes OEM look.

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