Reversing Cameras Fitted In Shrewsbury

Reversing Camera

Reversing Camera Fitted To Car

If you’re in the Shrewsbury or Shropshire area and want the ultimate reversing aid, we can supply & fit reversing cameras in your vehicle, with a display in the rear view mirror to most vehicles, including;

  • Car Reversing Cameras 
  • Reversing Camera For Vans
  • Motorhome Reversing Cameras

Download a free copy of our Parking Sensor guide here.

Mounting The Reversing Camera

Reversing Cameras Fitted To A Car

Depending on the make, model and type of vehicle you own, depends on which is the most suitable reversing camera system to install.

For most cars, the discrete camera is usually mounted above the number plate, under the boot release handle cover, and can nearly be seen.

This is also sometimes an option for some motorhome cameras too.

However, installing the reversing camera on your van or most motorhomes usually means mounting it high up towards the roofline

This gives you the optimum viewing point & angle, as well as providing clearance for any door openings.

The Reverse Camera Screen

Reversing Camera Mirror

When activated, the reversing camera displays the image from the camera as part of your reversing mirror in the vehicle cabin.

A clear image from the camera is displayed to the side of the mirror glass.

When the camera is not activated, your rear view mirror acts exactly like a ‘normal’ rear view mirror.

There’s no evidence of a screen being visible in the reflection on the mirror glass.

It’s like magic 🙂

Reverse Camera Operation

There is almost nothing you need to do to operate the reversing camera, other than to place your vehicle into reverse gear.

When you select reverse, the rear parking camera is activated, and the image from the camera is automatically displayed in your rear view mirror in your vehicle cabin.

Take your vehicle out of reverse, and the system is de-activated & the image disappears from your rear view mirror, which appears just like a ‘normal’ mirror

Reverse Camera Operation

The cost to supply & fit a reversing camera system & mirror in your vehicle from our Car Care Centre here in Shrewsbury, Shropshire does depend on the vehicle itself & your specific requirements.

Fully installed reversing camera costs range from £375 to £598 all inclusive but it’s easy to get an accurate quote – call us on 01743 466111